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What We Do

With an overarching goal to improve the practice of software engineering applied to critical systems involving software, McSCert:

  • performs research on how to produce software that can be certified, and on how existing software may be certified
  • works with industrial partners on the development and certification of software
  • works with regulatory authorities to improve relevant standards and approaches to software certification
  • trains graduate students in software engineering for safety critical systems, hazard analysis, model-based software development and certification
  • work with certification bodies responsible for recognizing professional engineers to improve their requirements

While our emphasis is on software, we recognize that the safety of products that depend on software is a problem in systems engineering: the hardware that contains the software has to be part of the engineering, and part of the certification.

McSCert’s research and development work has had significant commercial, economic and societal impact. In particular, we have:

  • generated ground-breaking knowledge and techniques we now use to build software intensive systems such that they are amenable to certification
  • contributed fundamentally to the development of principles and techniques for effective certification of such systems
  • influenced regulators at a very high level in the way they approach the problem of regulation and certification

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Recruiting View Opportunities

McSCert is hiring postdoctoral fellows, research engineers, graduate students and undergraduate researchers.

Publications View Publications

View our database of publications about a variety of topics, including software certification, model-based development, discrete-events systems, and software safety research.

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McSCert offers a variety of tools for Matlab and Simulink.

Software Certification Consortium

The Software Certification Consortium (SCC) is an international forum for research on certification of software-intensive systems, bringing together top researchers and practitioners from regulatory agencies, industry and academia in a way that is unique in the field. In addition to identifying and discussing research needs related to certification of software-containing systems, consortium members promote understanding of the concept of software certification and the acceptance of the need for certification standards for software-related products. McSCert researchers co-founded the SCC, are on the steering committee, and have organized all the meetings to date.

Selected McSCert Projects

McSCert research and development projects usually involve close collaboration with industry partners